Welly becomes a brand internationally distributed which offers a wide range of professional and safety footwear made with PVC and polyurethane material compounds.

The brand Welly represents a great achievement reached in more than 20 years’ experience in the field of injection-moulding compounding process supported by our new 5000 meters square industrial plant based in Bosnia Herzegovina where we manage also productions of raw materials at extrusion department producing more than 2 million kgs of PVC per year as raw material necessary for the five injection PVC machineries  which allow us to distribute over 1.2 million of footwear per year worldwide.

Welly brand is a reference point that offers to our customers a high-quality selection of PPE footwear made in conformity with EU REACH regulation through injection of phthalate-free compounds internally produced and used for all our production.

The Welly brand is for us a great challenge and a deep sense of responsibility through which we want always identify growth and improvements with a keen eye for details in order to offer to our customers the best possible performances based in our on-time service, quality product, specific knowledge in the sector and the best skills of our team that counts today more than 80 people with the common goal to obtain the highest level of customers satisfaction.

We are proud to have recently developed a new tailoring department where we make uppers with coating fabrics lined materials stitched on our new product range of Welly After-Ski Winter boot produced with extra-light sole injected with SEBS material.

Now, looking at the future, we are so excited to present our new Polyurethane footwear Welly-Thunder which is for us the latest and highest investment made in connection with the new and up-to-date PU injection machinery.

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